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City Windmills has the objective to become the world leader in small wind turbines for corporations and households. The path to achieve such objective is to provide our customers with a suite of windmill products, which can produce energy and optionally be used for advertisement for commercial users.

City Windmills is a publicly traded company on the Main Quote section of the GXG Global Exchange in London with ticker symbol CYW. City Windmills is headquartered in the UK with its operational centers in Switzerland and USA.

The company opened a subsidiary in the USA in 2011, primarily to develop its relationship with the US Federal Government and in anticipation of major sales activity. City Windmills (Suisse) was established in 2013 to also develop the wind-lighting product in a joint venture with Neulum SA.



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Chairman and addition to UK team appointed... >>>

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  • Suite 39,
  • 35 Buckingham Gate,
  • London SW1E 6PA,
  • United Kingdom
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